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Aerial view of St Mary's Church Over.

Welcome to the Over Village website. Throughout this website we have worked to give all visitors an insight into what Over Village has to offer.

We have a strong community in Over which has been built on the work and dedication of people who care about the community we live in, indeed, everyday someone in Over puts a little back into the community and adds to the whole equation. In short, dances, fetes, fun runs, disco's, quiz nights, and clubs, social and sports covering a wide range of activities makes Over a success and a desirable place to live.

Listed below are the main areas on the site and what you will find within each category.

History * Over Village History, plus Over photographs covering 100 years.
Entertainment * What's on the entertainment front in the village.
Notice Board * Village notice board - item's for sale, lost and found or HELP.
Societies and Groups * What are community social/sport groups doing.
Trade and Services * Businesses and Services in the village.
Contact Directory * Village contacts, How to find us!, maps and links to all your needs.
Parish Council * Over Village Parish Council - Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

If you have given time to a community venture, whether it's through helping run a club or simply attending an event in the village, you have contributed positively to the success of Over.

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