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ORPA Funding details

Sunday 22nd December 2002 saw the opening of the ‘ORPA’ play area. More than £57,000 was raised in just over two years. Over £12,000 was raised locally, either by holding fund-raising events or by sponsorship from local businesses and individuals. A substantial part of the funding came from grants from The Countryside Agency,  ‘Awards for All’ and Landfill Tax Credit funding from the Hanson Environment Fund and Waste Recycling Group Plc, administered by WREN. Follow the links below for further details.

The Landfill Tax Credit Scheme

The landfill tax was introduced in the Finance Act and came into operation on 1 October 1996. The tax, levied on the tonnage of all material disposed of in landfill sites and collected by HM Customs and Excise, aims to encourage recycling and reduce waste by raising the cost of disposal. The regulation allows landfill operators to direct up to 20 per cent of the tax they have collected towards approved local and national environmental projects. However, any approved project can only receive 90 per cent of its desired funding from the landfill tax. The remaining 10 per cent must come direct from the landfill site operator or from a third party organisation or company.

The Hanson Environment Fund

Grants made from the Hanson Environment Fund currently amount to £14,440,493. Hanson set up its environment fund using the landfill tax money accumulated by the company.

Hanson is the world's largest producer of aggregates, employing 27,000 people, in 20 countries, including the UK, North America, Continental Europe, Australia and Asia.

The Hanson Environment Fund is managed by the Royal Society for Nature Conservation (RSNC). RSNC is a registered charity, incorporated by Royal Charter, to promote conservation and manage environmental programmes throughout the whole of the UK.  It has established management systems for holding and distributing funds to projects that meet Landfill Tax regulations.

Waste Recycling Group (WRG) Plc and WREN

Projects applying for grants from WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd), who distribute and administer the Landfill tax credits of WRG are assessed by an individual panel of locally based experts in each county for their suitability, sustainability and community benefit.

Doncaster based WRG operates across much of the UK. It operates a range of facilities to receive, treat, recycle and dispose of more than ten million tonnes of waste a year. Facilities include a network of waste transfer stations and recycling centres, three liquid waste treatment plants, and an 'energy from waste' plant as well as over 60 landfill sites.

Awards for All

Awards for All is a grants programme set up to help small groups. It is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Arts Council of England, Sport England, the New Opportunities Fund and the Community Fund.

The main aim of the programme is to fund projects which involve people in their community; bringing them together to enjoy arts, sports, heritage and other community activities.

Community Services Grant – Countryside Agency

The Community Services Grant Scheme aims to help smaller rural communities improve and keep the services they need. Grants from £500 to £25,000 are available. Depending on the nature of your project, grants can provide up to 75% of the total cost but note that these are one-off grants so you will need to show how you can sustain the project in the long term.

Over Recreation Ground Play Area Fund (ORPA)






          Final Accounts (19 September 2000 - 22 September 2003)
































Cash in bank 22 September 2003



Cash in bank 19 September 2000



Cash in hand 22 September 2003



Cash in hand 19 September 2000









Total expenditure



Total income

































Equipment purchase & installation


















Grants & donations (see note 1)






Sundry expenses






Bank interest
































1. Under the terms of the WREN grant, which comes from Landfill Tax credits, a donation of 11% of the total grant is paid by the grantee (i.e. ORPA) to the landfill operator. In this case the amount was £1,705.


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