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Over Skate Park Association.

It’s Here !!

As you read this Over will have it’s own Skate Park located on the New Recreation ground near the all weathers surface, the ramps were finally installed in mid July

We the members of OSKA would like to say a big thank you to everyone that helped out or donated to this venture and thus enabling us to be able to achieve what has been done, I am not going to name people or organisations as you know who you are and I am bound to miss someone out.

We would also like to thank the Parish Council and other funding bodies who have given so generously.

It seems like a life time ago that this project was undertaken and things have been somewhat frustrating at times, however now the Village has gained another asset which helps build on the existing facilities that are so admired by visitors to Over. I have lost count of how many times I have heard people expressing their envy of what we have in the shape of the Community Centre and it’s ever growing amenities and the Skate Park is just the latest addition.

So the next time you have some time on your hands why not take a walk up to the Community Centre and see what I have and others have been ranting on about over the months, you might be surprised.

Ok so what next, well there is a need for some litter bins and some seating near to the Skate park, these are needed immediately, unfortunately until all the bills are in we will not know if we have any spare funds left to pay for any of this.

There is also some room on the skate park for a couple of smaller pieces of equipment, but they will need funding, so if anyone has any great ideas on how we might achieve this let me know.

CCTV will be installed by the Community Centre in the very near future, this should help alleviate fears of anti-social behaviour whilst also protecting the users of the Skate Park form undesirable elements.

Lighting, this would cost several thousand pounds once again some serious fund raising is going to be required if it is to happen, at the moment we have the summer with its long evenings, but it will not always be this way, then the pressure for lighting will increase.

PARENTS, remember you are responsible for your children’s behaviour even when they are out of your sight

Remember the Skate Park is for all ages not just the Teenagers

When using the Skate Park please wear all the relevant safety Equipment, you are liable for your own safety. Please do not smoke or drink alcohol when you are visiting the Skate Park, anyone who is caught using or selling illegal substances will be prosecuted.

Please use the Skate Park and don’t abuse it. A lot of effort has gone into building the Skate Park, so please look after it as no one is going to replace it should it mistreated.

Until we get the litter bins in please can you pick up any you see lying around and when we have the bins on site please you them and encourage others to do so. After all it is supposed to be a Skate Park not a refuse tip !!!

Thanks once again for your time Andy Muggeridge

If you want to know more the get in touch with me either by e-mail or by phone, or Tel. 01954 203810



Thanks again to everyone that helped.

AS it all Happened !!!

Feb 2003                                                March 2003

March 2003                                June 2003

And  …………………. Finally July 2003

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