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The village of Over is a small village around 15 kilometres from Cambridge. The village has a number of thriving sports clubs and an excellent Community Centre.

The Centre At Over

Over Veterans Football Club is a men's amateur football club for players aged 35 years and above who love the game of football but do not wish to commit themselves to playing competitive games each week. We play 8-a-side games each Thursday evening on an all-weather 'Astroturf' pitch. We also play friendly games once a month against other clubs in the locality. We usually call ourselves 'The Vets', although some of the cheekier members of the village senior football team have renamed us 'The Old Gits' - a nickname that seems to have stuck.

The club is thriving with over thirty members and a waiting list. Although every member enjoys the game, we take care not to take ourselves too seriously. The only competition our team enters is a veteran's tournament each June. This is organised by members of our own club with four other teams invited to take part. The tournament is always competitive but played in a friendly spirit with strong emphasis placed on the social side of the event.

We are a very friendly club and enjoy numerous social outings. We would very much like to broaden our horizons with other veterans clubs in the UK or abroad. We might even get around to playing football!

Over Veterans FC Hungary Tour 2001
Vets Hungary Tour 2001
Vets Hungary Tour 2001 Vets Hungary Tour 2001 Vets Hungary Tour 2001 Hungary Tour 2001 Hungary Tour 2001
Over Veterans FC Dublin Tour 2002

Vets Dublin Tour 2002 Vets Dublin Tour 2002 Vets Dublin Tour 2002 Vets Dublin Tour 2002

Over Veterans FC Tournament 2002

Over Vets 2002 Tourament Over Vets 2002 Tournament Over Vets 2002 Tournament Over Vets 2002 Tournament Over Vets 2002 Tournament.... The missing ball!
Over Veterans FC Tournament 2003
 2003 Tournament Team 2003 Tournament Team 2003 Tournament Team 2003 Tournament Team 2003 Tournament Team
The refs lay down the ground rules Over Blue V Over White The refs lay down the ground rules Nobby Stiles checking over the vets for next years tour Last game Over Blue V  Over White 0 - 0
Over Veterans FC Prague Tour 2003
Team Talk at Stansted Taken before the big game or after! Some need more rest then others Pre-match meal Quick rest before the big game The Team The Vets other Team Sponsors needed for next years tour..........PLEASE After match did we lose!!! Team Hotel Some people love to fly Rest before home
Over Veterans FC Belgium Tour 2004
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Hosts for 2004 tour

Over Veterans FC (Home) Visiting Belgian Team 2004

Visiting Belgian team have put all some pictures on the net. You can see them by clicking on the link:

Over Veterans FC Visit to Chesham 2005
Over Team at Chesham The team reviewing the highlights of the game! Bob the Manager Who's Magic boots! Penalty shoot out

Over Veterans FC Belgium Visit 2006

If anyone is interested in a friendly game, please e-mail, Bill Wilson or Chairman - Neil Blanchflower - or Club Secretary, Andy Buck (

Over Veterans FC news letter is produced in PDF format, you will require an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pages. If you find that you can not view the pages on your PC then you can download Acrobat Reader FREE
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Over Veterans FC Latest (Old Git) News

Latest Issue Feb 2009

July Issue from our new editor - Angus Clow

2009/2010 Committee
Chairman - Neil Blanchflower -
Vice Chairman - Andy Smart -
Treasurer - Sean Baker -
Fixtures - John Day (
other members:
Dave Carman, Sam Heneker, Tony Tagg, Angus Clow and Mark Nichols.

The John Smiths 'Ave It Award for Endangering Neighbouring Buildings to the All-Weather Surface
Over Vet's 2002 Awards presentation photographs
Chairman Bill does his best Martin Dollard impression... or is that David Seaman?
The Ron Atkinson Award for the Demonstration of Complex Tactics in an Irish Pub The Alan Ball Manager of the Year Award The Bill Wison Award for outstanding performance in a foreign country The Tunnel Vision Award for the Player who has Most Consistently Ignored the Obvious Pass in Favour of A Shot, Roughly Towards Goal! The Nobby Stiles Awared for Pussycat Tackling

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